06 July 2010

Hello All

Today, I will once again begin my blogging journey for the third time. This time, I'm hoping to be more successful in updating and what not. I decided to begin blogging again because it seemed like a good time. It's summer-more free time- and I'm beginning college in the fall. I plan to document my adventures in this blog. Now. I know that not many people going to read or stumble upon this blog. However, I love to write and this will be fun for me. So, in other words, who cares! Good attitude, I know ;)
Recently, I graduated high school which was a momentous occasion that I haven't fully grasped yet. Four years culminate and then you move on to the real world. It just doesn't seem like the big deal that everyone is making it out to be. However, as I said above, I am moving on to college, and that is what I consider the big deal about it all. I'm going to have to start over and begin anew..... from scratch. Make new friends, meet new people, the whole shabang!
So, in part, this blog is going to be a sounding board for me- a place for me to share who I am becoming. That part about it all- the chance to become someone new and better- is REALLY exciting to me.
So, here it goes. The journey starts now.

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